Bucket List Catch

Cataching a Sailfish from a kayak was on the top of Ryan Robinett’s bucket list.  He was finally able to check it off when he ventured into the waters off Carillon Beach.  

Below is Ryan’s tale of tail that landed him a 76" sailfish:

Bait was hard to catch as I could only sabiki up a couple hardtails. I had one king run but otherwise the fishing was SLOW. I was in 50 ft of water and started headed back down the beach to head in when this sailfish hit my live hardtail. He put on an early show before swimming right at my 14 foot Jackson Big Tuna. Within 30 seconds I had a very green sailfish at the leader circling my kayak trying to figure out what was going on. After 10 or so circles he figures it out and explodes. He put on a wonderful show before settling in. After 30 minutes or so I had him yak side and was getting a selfie.

 Now that must have been an awesome day!!!

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