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Bay County Outdoors Inshore Fishing Report

By Nathan Chennaux

With the heat of summer setting in before we even think about putting the boat in the water there are a few things that we want to make sure we have with us. First off is water and drinks to stay hydrated. Dehydration happens incredibly fast when the heat index is 110. Sunscreen is important for anyone who chooses to expose their skin to the sun for extended periods of time. A good pair of polarized sunglasses not only reduces glare and aids with visibility but they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Fishing is a lifetime sport so let’s start early on protecting ourselves so we have plenty of years of fishing ahead of us.

Light winds and semi-sunny days have given ample opportunity to get out on the water this week and the water has been clearing up nicely in a lot of places. The top of incoming tides are bringing lots of fairly clear water and can give you a window to sight fish for a couple of hours in the shallows where trout and redfish stalk they’re prey. Predators will key in on whatever baitfish are in the area so pay attention and throw a lure that matches the size, profile, and color of the dominant forage. I like mullet patterns when throwing top-water or suspending twitch-baits in the summer because you will find them on 99% of the flats that hold fish. Blue crabs are mating as we speak meaning that there are lots of big red and black drum on the flats feasting on them making them another great pattern to use. I like eating crabs myself and if you like them as I do you will have no problem finding a mess of them in shallow grass beds. With conservation in mind try to let the female crabs go and keep the males.

The Hot Bite:

Trout fishing has been pretty good of late. Flats with feeder creeks and slews pouring out onto them have made for an action packed time once the tide starts falling and a good color change forms. Look for the trout to be sitting in the clearer water just outside of the tanic water coming out of the slew waiting on mullet and bull minnows coming out with the tide. Also flats close to the inlets that get fresh gulf water mixing with bay water have also been productive.

Big Black Drum in the 40lb class and bigger have been tailing in 2ft of water eating clams and crabs. I watched a school of about 15 or so work over a flat the other day in Port St Joe for several hours. It is very uncommon around here for that to happen so be on the look-out for them for the remainder of the crabs’ mating season. They are a ton of fun on the flats.

Flounder are popping up everywhere and make a good target when it’s hot and nothing else is biting. Good deeper broken bottom and sand in the 4-10ft range is a good place to start looking for that pile of flatties. Also around any natural or artificial structures like docks, pilings, seawalls, rock-piles and so on are good areas to target.

Key Lures this week

Live Target Top-water Mullet

Unfair Lures Dinkum Mullet

Doa Shrimp

Bomber Badonka-donk SS

Salty Super Fluke or Jerkshad

Captain Daniel Snapp's Inshore Report

August is upon us and we are still dealing with rain. Panama City is still experiencing scattered thunderstorms and heavy rains just about every day. As a reminder if you are going to be outside, please be careful when you hear thunder and see approaching storms. Lightening has been extremely bad again this summer, so seek shelter (inclosed shelter) if at all possible as the storm nears.

Even with all of the rain, fish are still being caught! I have been working the beaches chasing the bait pods catching bonita, sharks, kings, spanish and a variety of other species that have been tearing up the bait. As always, look for diving birds and action on top of the water to find the feeding fish. Trolling or my favorite, running from school to school of feeding fish throwing a variety of artificial lures will provide you with some exciting none stop action!

The water in the bays is still very stained, however it is clearing up back on the flats in a foot or so of water. If this rain ever stops, sight fishing will be back in full swing. The reds and trout are working the flats along with some really big skip jack that are a blast on light tackle! However, fishing has been a little tough lately due to all the terrible weather. Throwing top water has been a challenge due to all of the floating grass and fish just aren’t cooperating on some days but with persistence and a little luck you can still catch a mess for the fryer! DOA popping corks with a DOA shrimp or CAL swim bait has been working great on small to medium size trout. It’s a lot of fun but you will have to catch a bunch to get to a couple of keepers.

For all you fly fisherman, this is a great time of the year to run the beach targeting a wide range of species. Target’s are everywhere! If you have never thrown into a big school of feeding bonita you are missing out! It’s crazy and action packed. If you want to get in on the action, give me a call.

The long range weather forecast for August is looking good and with the water clearing up the bite should just keep getting better and better.

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Reds In The Backwater!

As always, I encourge you to give me a call if you have questions about fishing in the Panhandle at (850) 832-4952 or for additional information about Grassy Flats Charters please visit In addition, checkout “Grassy Flats Charters” on Facebook for the most recent pictures and video’s along with “Grassy Flats Charters” on Youtube.

Captain Daniel Snapp
Grassy Flats Charters
“Sight Fishing the Emerald Coast”

Bay County Outdoors Inshore Fishing Report
By BCO Pro Staffer Nathan Chennaux

Rain, wind, and more rain. Story of this month. If it’s not one it’s the other or some varying combination of the two, occasionally a dash of lightning, and just enough pockets of blue skies to keep me from going home. It is what it is when dealing with nature. Just because the weather doesn’t like to play nice is no reason to stay at home. There are plenty of fish around the bridges including black drum, redfish, sheepshead , mangrove snapper and occasionally a few grouper.

The bridge also acts as a good shelter from the rain and or lightning. Between downpours you can ease out to the flats adjacent to the bridges and still catch trout and other flats fish. When the tide isn’t perfect for throwing top-waters to the big redfish a live crab on the bottom will still get you a few bites. I like using half dollar sized crabs so that sheepshead and the black drum will still be interested. Use the lightest weight that the current will allow for the most natural presentation. A 1/0 xtra strong circle hook will be plenty to pull on about anything you hook up on.

If bridge fishing isn’t your thing then look for most of the fish to be in at least 3 ft of water. Some may push up shallower if your area has flushed most of the freshwater out, and you can check by tasting the water. If it’s salty then you are good but if its fresh then you need to go deeper. The salt water is heavier than the fresh water so get down in the holes and ledges. Fish get packed up tight a lot of times under these conditions and with less than perfect visibility they shouldn’t be too skiddish.

Hot Bites:

Black drum under the bridges using live crabs until tide dumps then go up top with a topwater plug for the big bull redfish

Triple Tail have been on sargasm weed lines and floating debris in the bay and inlets. Small live baits and jigs work wonders on them.

Big trout have been heavy on the big color changes in the bay between opposing bodies of water. Look for them in the clearer water close to a tanic area. Reaction baits have been getting the best results

Key Baits:

Unfair lures Greenie

Unfair lures Dinkum Mullet

Live target jointed sardine wakebait

DOA baitbuster

DOA Shrimp

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Bay County Outdoors Inshore Fishing Report

By BCO Pro Staffer Nathan Chennaux

You know for a while there I wasn’t sure if the rain was ever going to end. Now that it has (after 14+ inches) we have to come to the realization that the bays around us have undergone some major transformations. Let’s look at some of the effects that major inflows of fresh water have on our bays. First and probably the most obvious is going to be the change in color. A week ago the bays and inlets were as clear and green as they ever get. The water is tannic at best, and in areas that were hit hardest or have the most water running through them are quite muddy. Salinity levels in the shallows are down considerably as well as the over-all water temp in the bay. This situation has it pros and cons, but with a little alteration of technique it can be an amazing bite and can yield some of the biggest fish of the year. Bigger predator fish usually very skiddish in the shallows feel much more at home and emboldened by the lack of visibility. Subtle, true to life baits have no place here, you can leave them at home and break out the big top-waters, and spoons, lures that use vibrations and sound to triggers strikes.

Scented baits also work fairly well in these conditions as smell is going to be another sense the fish will have to rely on until the water clears back up. One of the benefits of the rain, though short lived, is the cooling effect it has had on the bay. Water temps dropped several degrees and should stay lower than average for the next week or so, which means that if you can stand the heat, even the middle of the day should be productive in shallow water. Since most areas you can’t see the bottom to pick out pot-holes and such, we are left beating down shorelines, and creek mouths, slews, and any other feature that could hold fish for a portion of the day. Fish an area with good tidal movement because the tide can help to lock fish down on some form of current break. This is when they are going to be most likely to chew anyway. Don’t let the dirty water intimidate you or keep you at the house, the fish got to eat, and with a little know how you can have them eating your lure all day long.

Best lures for these conditions:

Heddon Super Spook

Unfair Lures Dogwalker

Weedless Gold Spoon

Soft plastics on light jigheads smothered in Pro-Cure

The DOA Deadly Combo (Popping cork and shrimp)

Captain Snapp’s Bay County Inshore Guide Report

July and the summer heat is here! Don’t forget to stay hydrated, drink even if you are not thirsty and pay close attention to the little ones making sure they take in enough fluids. Getting dehydrated out on the water is a sure fire way to cut your fishing trip short and ruin an otherwise great day on the water.

Fishing in the panhandle has been great overall but we have had our share of some nasty weather thats made some days a little tough. Bait offshore has been hit and miss for those of you looking to fish for King Mackerel. Some day’s the bait is thick and the bite is on and the next day the bait and the King’s have disappeared. Not to worry, there’s plenty of action in the bays and backwaters. St. Andrews Bay is extremely clear and is holding plenty of live bait! Chumming on just about any point or similar area in the bay will reward you with a wide variety of species. Scale down the tackle and you will have a blast! It’s a great time of year to get the kids out and let them pull in fish after fish.

Back up on the flats, Reds and Trout are being caught on live bait and an assortment of artificial. My clients have been fishing live bait under a DOA popping cork as well as on the bottom using a small split shot. As always this time of year provides some great top water action early and late in the day, however, if you love top water as much as I do, throw it throughout the day and you may be surprised on the amount of action that you get. If the top water bite slows down, search out some deeper water near drop off’s, preferably ones with grassy areas and use jigs or diving plugs and you should be rewarded with some nice Trout.

If you are interested in challenging yourself with a fish of a lifetime “Tarpon” give me a call and I will provide you with details on our local fishery!

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As always, I encourge you to give me a call if you have questions about fishing in the Panhandle at (850) 832-4952 or for additional information about Grassy Flats Charters please visit
“Grassy Flats Charters” on Facebook

Captain Daniel Snapp

Fishing is Hot!!!
Bay County Outdoors Inshore Fishing Report
By BCO Pro Staffer Nathan Chennaux

With summer literally beating down the door, we as anglers need to keep ourselves aware of the fundamental changes taking place in our bay systems. Water temperatures are still on the rise and fish are already reacting to the heat.

Migrating baits schools are working their way back toward the inlets in many areas staging up to move on to new spawning grounds. The fish on the flats will begin to pull off of these schools and return to their regular summer time forage of mullet, pinfish, shrimp, and bull minnows. This is an awesome time to break out the topwater plugs and fish schools of mullet running the shorelines. Often times for a variety of reasons big mature Speckled Trout and Redfish will hang out behind schools of mullet and usually react favorably when tossed a top water walker or popping type of plug.

The cool early morning hours are best before the sun heats up the flats, but late in the evening just before sun down is another good window of opportunity to catch a few fish. I do a lot of night fishing this time of year for trout and redfish and as of late the night bite has been fantastic. The redfish have been easy pickens under the lights around the bridges, and even in the inlets with no lights have been productive. Under dock lights small schools of big trout hang out in the darkness just out of the light waiting for anything to move within their reach. The low light, cool water, and well defined strike zone make this one of the most productive techniques around during this time of the year. It is not uncommon to catch 25-50 fish off of 1 dock.

Key Lures this week: Available at Sunjammers &

Unfair Lures floating Shrimp

Unfair Lures Greenie

Unfair Lures Dogwalker

Live Target floating Sardine

Live Target jointed Mullet wake bait

Bomber Badonka Donk SS

Bay County Outdoors Inshore Fishing Report
By BCO Pro Staffer Nathan Chennaux

The fishing lately has been nothing short of monumental. If you’ve been on the water at all lately then you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that the bays are literally covered up with fish. Sardines, Threadfins, Menhaden, and Glass Minnows are all over the place in massive amounts and the fish are putting a hurting on them. If you’re looking for something fast paced then schooling Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks, and Ladyfish are always willing to cooperate when thrown a spoon, gotcha plug, or some fast moving twitching and cranking baits. Look for bait schools just off of a flat getting busted and that’s likely going to get you chewed pretty quick.

If bottom fishing is more your speed then you will find plenty of Sheepshead, Mangrove Snapper, Black Sea Bass, Black Drum, and Redfish around most bridges, rock piles, sea walls, and deeper water docks in the bay. Shrimp or small crabs and live baitfish are going to be your best bet for that lot. On the flats redfish are still present in good numbers in the mornings and late afternoons but during the heat of the day they tend to be in deeper holes and just off a good ledge where they can hang out in cooler water. This is especially true when the low tide is in the afternoon and water levels on the flats are down allowing the water temp to rise rapidly.

The trout bite has also been pretty good of late and it seems to be that way throughout all of the bays. Find a good transition area between different types of bottom or different depths of water. These are the types of places that specks like to use as ambush points making them ideal spots to catch fish. It’s a bonus if that spot is in a choke point in the bay where currents from tides speed up. Good luck and go fishing.

Time to Fish! Capt. Snapp Brings Us This Weeks Inshore Report

It’s shaping up to be another great month of fishing in the Panhandle! The water in the bays and off the beach are as clear as I’ve even seen them. This makes sight fishing even more fun especially when anchored up waiting for Tarpon off the beaches! If you have been waiting to book a trip for Tarpon stop waiting, the fish are here!

If you are venturing offshore and fishing over some of the wrecks or hard bottom try chumming up some Amberjacks and toss out a top water plug and hang on. In fact, try it with Kings, Bonita and everything else that you can get to the surface. It’s pretty hard to beat the fun and excitement of top water action offshore or inshore. Top water baits range from poppers and prop-baits to cigar shaped lures of different sizes. All have a specific way they should be worked and while some take a little more practice than others to master, it is time well spent.

On the flats the reds, trout and just about everything else swimming is eating right now! The last couple of days have been a little challenging due to the wind but the fish still gotta eat! Of course off shore, the red snapper season has just opened and the bite should be on fire!

A quick reminder for those venturing out on the flats with your boats, please pay attention to the water depth and the areas that you are running in. It will not only save you from some possible damage to your boat and motor by not running aground, you will be saving the seagrass in our bays. It’s terrible to see someone with their motor trimmed up plowing across a beautiful grass flat kicking up a mud rooster tail destroying the bottom only because they weren’t paying attention. So, be careful out there and enjoy what our area has to offer, incredible beaches, beautiful water and a fantastic inshore and offshore fishery!

Finally a new lure has hit the market and has quickly captured the attention of a lot of anglers! Unfair Lures, is the maker of some incredible lures, so if your’e serious about fishing check them out at or for a great selection.

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As always, I encourge you to give me a call if you have questions about fishing in the Panhandle at (850) 832-4952 or for additional information about Grassy Flats Charters please visit In addition, checkout “Grassy Flats Charters” on Facebook for the most recent pictures and video’s along with “Grassy Flats Charters” on Youtube.

Captain Daniel Snapp
Grassy Flats Charters
“Sight Fishing the Emerald Coast”

Bay County Outdoors Inshore Fishing Report

By Nathan Chennaux - BCO Pro Staffer

Fish on. I’m hooked up too. That’s what the fishing has been like this week. Fish of all types, shapes, and sizes have been coming in two at a time thanks in part to a little thing I like to call cheating. While all these wonderful baits schools are in the bay we might as well use them from time to time. Once you find them it’s usually a one cast deal with a good net and you can load up on enough ly’s to live chum all day. It’s a method so effective it might as well be cheating because the fish just cannot stand to sit there and watch those injured baits act a fool on the surface swimming in circles. Grab a handful, give them a good squeeze, heave them out, wait a few seconds, and BAM you hear that sound that tells you that for sure without doubt that a gator trout just came up and annihilated one. Now cast at that spot and its game over. It really can be that simple especially for those of us who like to jump in the water and wade fish with them. Slowly make your way down the flat and throw a few baits out here and there and pay attention to what happens. Sometimes its fifteen minutes later you see one of the baits you threw out getting chased down. A lot of times I like to use this method in combination with a lure that is a close match to the baits I’m chumming with. Unfair Lures Rip and Slash and the Greenie also from the Unfair Lures line are killer baits to throw at fish when live chumming. Redfish schools usually show up before too long once you start live chumming along with everything else that eats baitfish so be prepared to be bowed up all day long.

The Hot Bite.
The hot bite this week has actually been a mixed bag type of bite. Multiple species of fish hanging out around the same bait schools offer the opportunity to go for an inshore slam. If targeting a particular specie then you may find it a little more challenging due to the overwhelming number of fish on the flats. Anglers targeting redfish can usually get away from the other schooling predators by heading to more marshy areas and backwater shallows where pretty much only mullet and redfish live other than the occasional big trout. Trout fisherman are just going to have to accept that they are going to have to catch a few ladyfish and bluefish along with their specks.

The beautiful John Thompson Memorial Reef - 1 year later

Mexico Beach has a wonderful treasure under its clear gulf waters. The John Thompson Memorial Reef has been submerged for a little over a year. Photographers recently had clear water and great visibility to photograph the reef. John's reef is loaded with gag grouper, sheepsheads and triggers. A week earlier, the camera team spotted two large cobia from their boat on this same reef. This is a wonderful reef that should be on everyone’s list to visit. For more information go to

This Weeks Bay County Outdoors Inshore Fishing Report

By Nathan Chennaux

The inshore report this week is action, action, action. The water in all of our bays systems is as clear as you’re ever going to see it so just getting out on the water and seeing all the life is awesome in its own right. Combine that with miles of shoreline littered with big trout, redfish, and all the other predator fish that call our waters home and you have just found yourself in what I like to call the ideal scenario. This is the opportune time to get on a shallow flat and creep extra quietly looking for cruising or laid up fish. You would be surprised at how productive you can be even on heavily pressured flats when you just slow down and spot cast to single fish or small schools of a couple fish. A high quality set of polarized glasses is required equipment for this technique and a little casting practice in advance will pay off huge. An accurate cast is the difference usually between getting the strike and blowing the fish out.

The hot bite this week has been widespread among the fish species. On the shoreline trout and redfish have been plentiful and more than cooperative when throwing them a couple of lures from the new Unfair Lures line by Paul Van Reneen. The Dinkum Floating Shrimp has done most of the dirty work followed closely by the Dinkum Mullet. Pompano are schooling in the bay and can be found running the slightly deeper sand troughs on the flats close to the inlets. The DOA 3” shrimp in near clear has been deadly on them. Big Spanish, bluefish, ladyfish and jacks have been running deeper flats and the outside ledges just off the flats coming up on the flats chasing bait then dropping back off. Spoons, crankbaits and twitchbaits are a sure-fire way to get those to eat.

On another note it has been brought to my attention that we have an overwhelming number of unlicensed guides operating in our area. I encourage anyone who thinks of hiring a guide to ask that guide for his licensing information. If he cannot produce it then I would report the person to the FWC and find a USCG licensed captain to take you out. Licensed captains have to maintain safety and first aid certifications to handle any situations that may arise on the water, as well as a heap of insurance in case anything does happen. My personal recommendation is Capt. Donald Hayes Brooks, of Tide-Line Light Tackle Outfit out of Port St. Joe. He runs a beautiful rig and is very informative on the area and a blast to fish with. For more information on finding a USCG licensed guide in our area please feel free to contact me at

Capt Daniel Snapp - Inshore & Gulf Fishing Update

May is finally here and hopefully we can put last months weather behind us. I think everyone has had enough wind, rain and rough sea’s to last them a while. May is a beautiful month here in Panama City, the tempurature’s haven’t heated up to summer time high’s, so you can stay out on the water all day fishing or kickback and enjoy the beaches!
Bait is moving in close to the beaches and into the bays more and more everyday. It won’t be long and you will be able to throw a net and load up that live well. Everything will be moving in to take advantage of all of the bait fish. Kings, Sharks and Tarpon off the beach and inshore spots, to the Spanish, Ladyfish, Blues, Trout and Reds in the bays to name a few.

If you chose to use live bait, try free-lining them by themselves or try creating a chum line by throwing out some bits and pieces and then fish your bait back in the line for a chance to catch any number of species. Another way to have some fun is to fish your live bait under a popping cork while working your way across a grass flat. Keep your bait suspended just above the grass and don’t forget to work the edges of sand holes for those Trout and Reds!

If live bait is not your thing, tie on your favorite artificial lure and get out on the water. Remember as we move into the summer months, start your day early and target the reds and trout out on the flats with top water plugs for some exciting action! Vary the retrieval of the plugs until you find what’s working. You may even have to change the lure size and type of action to fine tune your presentation but it’s worth it when the bite turns on. Later in the day switch over to your favorite swim or jerk bait or gold spoon and work the grass lines and pot holes for Reds and Trout. Without a doubt one of the best producing lure brands out there is D.O.A. Lures . They make a variety of quality products that will definitely help you catch more fish!
I have been using their new Airhead lure on top water with some great results.

Check them out at

If your’e not into flats fishing, find a good point near some deeper water and look for diving birds usually indicating lots of bait fish and have some fun with the Spanish, Blues and Lady fish. Scale down your tackle and these guys can provide a lot of fun for the beginner or seasoned angler. Live bait, small jigs, or my favorite: a bubble rig and spoon will be sure to keep you busy!

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As always, I encourge you to give me a call if you have questions about fishing in the Panhandle at (850) 832-4952 or for additional information about Grassy Flats Charters please visit

Captain Daniel Snapp
Grassy Flats Charters
Sight Fishing the Emerald Coast”

Bay County Outdoors Inshore Fishing Report

By Nathan Chennaux

This week’s inshore fishing has been non-stop action. The top-water bite has been on fire for the trout and redfish with walkers and poppers doing most of the damage. The specks have been extra thick in most of the local bay systems with the big fish laying up really shallow in 2ft of water or less on the high tides and moving off into the little depressions on the flats as the water gets down to its lower levels. Look for a flat with good broken bottom right off the shore with good depth variations and some sort of deep water nearby.

The water clarity in the bays right now is as good as it gets making the sight fishing stellar of late. Trout, redfish, pompano, and big jacks have been the usual suspects out cruising the clear water grass flats near the inlets. My choice of lures for this type of fishing is going to be a small natural colored bait in either and sardine or shrimp pattern. Subtle is the key word when it comes to sight fishing for most species. A good accurate cast and a lure that looks right is usually all it takes to get the strike and often times trying to do too much with the lure will turn the fish off of it. This applies when sight casting in very shallow water where fish are wary and on high alert but in a position to feed. I like to try to land my lure at about 3-5 ft from the fish I’m casting to and give the bait a chance to sink slowly and naturally to the bottom in front of them.

I pay careful attention to what the fish does to give me and idea as to his interest level. If the fish moves toward the bait then give it just a little shake but don’t twitch just yet. Just a slight shake of the rod tip with the tip low to the water and your movement at an absolute minimum will usually get the bite. If the fish turns the other way when your bait hits the water then chances are your lure is wrong, your cast was off or the fish caught wind you were there. This is when you should try to give it a good quick snap twitch to attempt to draw a reaction strike. It’s about 50-50 at this point and the fish is going to strike immediately or its going to bolt. Whatever happens just make sure you have a good time and learn something from it. There is much to be learned from unsuccessful attempts and it gives you a great reason to spend more time trying to master the art.

This weeks inshore report brought to you by Captain Daniel Snapp

This fishing report is short and sweet! Spanish are everywhere, King Mackerel have showed up and the bite is gonna do nothing but get better. We also have had a strong showing of Cobia off the beaches right now with some really nice fish being landed. More and more bait is showing up on the flats and the Red fish and Trout bite is strong up in the shallows on top water. Fly fisherman can load up and have a blast right now with the Spanish Mackerel and maybe even get a shot at a big Cobia! The rest of April should provide for some great fishing in the Panhandle so don’t wait around, give me a call and get out on the water!

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Mike and Bob enjoying a day on the Flats
Spring Break for Fish!

As always, I encourge you to give me a call if you have questions about fishing in the Panhandle at (850) 832-4952 or for additional information about Grassy Flats Charters please visit Facebook:

Captain Daniel Snapp
Grassy Flats Charters
“Sight Fishing the Emerald Coast”

The Captian speaks... This fishing update brought to you by Captain Daniel Snapp

April is here and so are the Cobia! Several have been caught off peirs up and down the beaches! The water clariety off the beach is good and will continue to get better barring anymore nasty weather. The water temp contiunes to rise bringing in tons of baitfish! Inshore, off the beaches and in througout the bay systems will be loaded with easy picking’s for Spanish Mackerel, Blues, and Lady fish! Not far behind, the King Mackerel bite should pickup and provide not stop action for anglers working inshore.

Lets talk tactics. For Spanish and everything else that will be crashing the bait pods, I look for birds diving on the schools of bait or just the bait pods themselves exploding on the surface. I like to throw small jigs or bubble rigs with a small spoon in tow on about 3’ of
line using light tackle. For Kings, it’s hard to beat throwing out a big live bait without any weight and watch as it begins attempting to get away from a big hungry King Mackerel. When the Kings are eating, it’s not unsual for the bait to only be in the water for seconds before you get a hook-up. Of course, in addition to Kings you have a chance to catch Sharks, Bonita, and maybe even a Sailfish!

Sheepshead action is still on fire out in the pass along with some nice bull Reds! Inshore on the flats the Speckled Trout
bite should continue to improve
with the water clearing up and the bait arriving in large numbers. In addition, the Reds
will begin spreading out as the water continues to warm up
and should provide for some incredible top water action along with my favorite, sight fishing!

What can I say, April is usually an incredilbe month to be here in Panama City Florida! The temperature is great along with the weather and the fishing is gonna do nothing but get better.

Check out some of the recent action from the Panhandle!

Dave from KS landing his first Reds!

West Bay Reds!
Working on the Sheepshead!
A little Red action!

As always, I encourge you to give me a call if you have questions about fishing in the Panhandle at (850) 832-4952 or for additional information about Grassy Flats Charters please visit



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Cook Bayou Marina 11722 Bay Vista Rd (850)874-8300
Donaldson Point 1562 Dover Road
Earl Gilbert Park 6511 Oakshore Dr
McCall-Everett Park County Road 2321
Safari Street Boat Ramp Safari St
Shoreline Cirle Boat Ramp 3718 Shorline Circle

Lynn Haven
Leslie Porter Wayside Park Ramp Hwy 77 Bridge 

Donald Penny Boat Ramp Bridge St
McKenzie Boat Ramp 1501 McKenzie Road 

Gore Park Boat Ramp Beulah Ave (south end)

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